How to Have an Oil and Gas Career if You Have No Experience?

The industry of oil and gas is vast and its potential can extend very far for a deserving candidate who is looking forward to shape out an oil and gas career. However, for qualified persons with experiences it may seem a cakewalk to get a job in the oil and gas domain. But it will surely prove to be a very difficult task to get an oil and gas job without any prior experience. Oil field jobs are available in plenty provided they fit your criterion. If you have a technical degree in the core engineering areas, then you might be lucky to start as a fresher in the offshore oil jobs.

Fulfil Basic Criterion for starting an oil and gas career

oil rig jobs Offshore oil rig jobs require certain criterions that you might possess. One of the major factors for an offshore job is your health condition. A good health condition is very much required which will allow you to lift around 50 pounds of weight on a regular basis. Oil rig jobs also require a very good and healthy physique.

The fields of oil and gas offers ample opportunities for non technical staffs like, cook, computer operators, store managers, supervisors and various others. You can also try out drilling jobs at the oil fields if you are starting-off as a fresher and do not have any relevant experience. Drilling jobs are available for both offshore and onshore projects. For the offshore drilling jobs, it would be an added advantage if you are a hard worker, as this is something most companies really appreciate.

Hence, to make an oil career for yourself, you should put in your best with whatever qualification and skills you have and just get lucky. One of the best things about the oil field jobs is that they are very high paying and have a constant demand for human resources in most of the sectors. So, if you are willing to give it a try and want to build an oil and gas career, it is the best time for it! Watch my video below to learn how I created my oil career and how I make over $ 120.000 per year from it!

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