About Me

michael oil rig jobs expertI am Michael, just recently promoted to driller, on board one of NABORS OFFSHORE (jack up rig) operating in Middle East-Persian.

I know it is quite far away, but since I work 6 weeks, and then I have 6 weeks off, it doesn’t really matter!

I was 19 when I decided to work in the oilfield industry. A neighbor of ours, a guy that I really admired had a job as a driller on an oil rig, and I was amazed of his life.

He had a beautiful wife, lots of money and a nice car… and was working only 6 months out of the year. My dad had been unemployed for a few months, so since I wanted to have a secure job, I decided to get into the oil industry myself.

You see, I was born in Latvia. My mother got married with an American ( my dad) while she used to work for a summer in Boston. She was pregnant when she left the States, and was given a visa only when I was 6. And that’s why I still have an accent. I only moved to USA when I was 6.

It is strange how my parents felt in love and how their relationship developed over the first 6 years of my life, however they are still together after 29 years.

And since I was 19 at that time, I wanted something stable. I was already dating my present wife, and decided to build a house together, get married and have 2 daughters J

First I applied to a few companies, but somehow I was only getting confirmation emails from the companies about the fact that they received my resume.

Then, one day, while researching online, I found a great oil recruitment agency, and even though they had a fee for their services, I decided to join them.

I soon had my first interview and because of the tips that I learned on their website, I got a roustabout job, starting at $56.000 per year. Slowly, because they kept finding me better jobs, I advanced to a roughneck job, and now, after 8 years I am a driller on an oil rig, making over $100.000 per year.

So, all you have to do is follow my free tips and you should have a fantastic oil field career as well!

So, just watch my video below and click the link below and read my tips about how to get an oil and gas job with no experience.

==> How to get an oil and gas job with no experience.



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