How to get a career in the oil rig industry with no experience

Welcome to MY FREE Report, where I will be teaching you how to get an offshore entry level oil rig job or an oil and gas job or an oil field job, even if you have no experience and no matter where you are from! Read all the way to the end, and when you are done reading, Take IMMEDIATE ACTION!! 

Why Am I So Confident?

You see, I have put together all I did in the past 8 years into the pages of this report. You won’t find any unnecessary information inside it, just everything you need to get an oil and gas job easily, in just a few days. These tips worked for many of my friends, even for people I met online. These tips have helped people all over the world get an oil field job: Australia, Uk, Canada, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, even India.

WHY? Simple: the recruitment agency that helped me, will send your resume to over 1200 companies around the world, and according to your location, they will call you for an interview!

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I guarantee you’ll make a lot of money in the future, if you take immediate action and follow the tips I share below!  The great thing about an oil and gas job, especially in the oil rig industry, is the fact that it pays a lot, and it is a really secure job, while giving you the benefit of only working half of the year.

The Job Crisis In The Offshore Oil Sectors

oil rig jobs (2)The fact is, in the next 5 years, shortage of offshore oil rig workers will become a major problem for most offshore drilling companies around the world. The truth is that this will also happen for onshore sectors as well, so if you want to work in the oil field, relax because there will be lots of opportunities in the future.

This Is A Good News For You To Act On

Industry experts have predicted that nearly half of the present offshore workforce will be leaving the industry for retirement within the next 5 years.   Offshore employment agencies are now looking forward to hire new workers with at least one year of physical labor experience. And to be honest, even if you have never worked before, if in your cover letter, you explain that you are a hard working person who wants to work on an oil field (and that you worked hard around your house ever since you were small), they will give you the job!

Of coarse, Painting, assisting, loading, cleaning, etc… from multiple jobs for at least one year will qualify you easier, but remember, oil companies want people who say they want a job with them! More on that below!

Even the API (American Petroleum Institute) has no idea how many old hands will be retiring, but many believe one thing.  There Is Presently A Growing Shortage Of Entry Level Workers.

Oil Industry Experts Agree That The Shortages Will Affect These Positions: roustabouts, roughnecks, Electricians, Welders / Pipe Welders /Fitters, Motormen,  Storekeepers /Warehousemen, Crane Operators, Medics, Roughnecks, Derrick men, Drillers,  Assistant Drillers, Diesel Mechanics, Motormen, Cooks,  Stewards, Trainees.

Most of the built oil rigs are Ultra Modern Drill Ships and Employment agents are complaining that there is a real problem getting these new rigs crewed up due to the fact that this offshore oil drilling sectors is a HIDDEN MARKET (these vacancies are not advertised like normal vacancies).

And even though you might think that you do not want an offshore oil rig job, because it is so far away from home, think about this: You can start with a salary of over $50.000 per year…. while only working for half of the year. That means that the other half of the year can be enjoyed at home with your family, while being paid. This is the reason why, I simply love oil rig jobs!

Remember, Employment Agents Are Looking For These Basic Things In Their Potential New Employees: 

  • Minimum of a high school certificate, but even if you dropped school, you still have high chances of getting the job, because of the shortage of employees in the oil and gas sector.
  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • You must be a team player with a positive attitude.
  • You should have the ability to cooperate with coworkers.
  • Oil rig workers usually work 14 or 21 days, without a day off, so patience is a must. Where I work write now, I work for 6 weeks, and then I have 6 weeks off ! I love the 6 weeks I have off  🙂
  • You should be physically and mentally fit.
  • Willingness to undergo a series of tests before employment. Don’t worry, they are really easy tests!
  • You should be willing to work in a straight 12 hours a day
  • Criminal records in the past depends on the company. Never lie about this; they will always do a detailed background check. If you have a criminal record, mention it in your resume, and also specify that it was in the past and that you really want a stable job at a serious company. Remember, oil companies need people for their entry-level oil and gas jobs, so if you are honest, most of them will give you a chance.

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How To Get Offshore Entry Level Oil Rig Job …Almost Immediately Even If… You don’t have any experience  

Picking a oil and gas career is never easy, especially in today’s uncertain job market, Yet there are still plenty of opportunities for those who are willing to work hard, and as I said before, in the oil rig industry there is a Hugh shortage of personal.

While a job in offshore oil drilling might not immediately leap to mind when considering viable career paths, for some people it may be ideal. For those who are hard working and determined, the rewards and the lifestyle an offshore oil rig job offers, will be amazing.  Read on, to find out if a career in offshore drilling is for you, and how you can get a job in the oil industry with no previous experience.

What Is A Roustabout

roustabout-jobs-oil rig jobs

This was me when I just started 🙂 I was a proud roustabout!

A roustabout is the first rung of the career ladder in the offshore drilling industry.

Roustabouts perform all of the basic maintenance and heavy manual labor aboard an oil rig.

If you want to pursue a career on offshore oil rigs, this will be your very first job title, especially if you have no experience.

Roustabout jobs require you to perform many different functions, one day you might be painting and cleaning the rig, the next you may be moving equipment or fixing machinery.

As an entry level position, roustabouts will naturally have to do much of the most strenuous and dirty work on the rig, but there is plenty of room for advancement.

Virtually everyone you meet on an oil rig started their career in an offshore roustabout job. This is the way I started, and it was not difficult at all, mostly it was fun!

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Who Can Become A Roustabout

No formal qualifications are needed to get a job as a roustabout.   What is required is a hard working attitude, a certain level of strength and physical fitness and the ability to work long shifts in all weather conditions.  

This makes offshore roustabout jobs ideal for those with intelligence and drive, but who have left school with few academic qualifications. And do not worry, even though you don’t have experience, if you are willing to learn, like I was, you can quickly advance. It took me 8 years to get to the position of driller, even though I had no experience, I had just finished high school, and I was not a good student, if you know what I mean.

It is also suitable for someone seeking a change in career and who is willing to work their way up. As long as you’re over 18 and are at least 5′ tall, you can apply for a job as a roustabout.

Other than this, the most important thing is that you’re willing to work hard in often tough conditions.

What’s The Money Like And What Hours Will I Do as A ROUSTABOUT?

As an entry level position, an offshore roustabout job is particularly well paid. Roustabouts usually earn around $50,000. I started at $56.000, another friend of mine started at $53.000….

You’ll have to work long hours and spend extended periods of time away from your family, but the general shift pattern that oil rigs have, can mean that you’re earning a substantial income while only working for half the year.

A common shift pattern for offshore roustabout jobs is to work 12 hours, then have 12 hours off, for a period of 10 weeks, followed by an equal amount of time off work. It depends a lot on the company. I recommended oil rig careers to all my friends, and many of them started as roustabouts. The one I mentioned above, worked for 28 weeks, and then he has 28 weeks off. This was hid first year. The 2nd year though. everything changes, depending on how you negotiate your contract.

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What Opportunities Are There For Career Advancement if you are a Roustabout?

After spending time in your initial role as a roustabout, there is plenty of scope for moving forward in your oil career to larger salaries and more skilled jobs, as there are several different career paths open to those who have gained experience at entry level positions.

Drilling Roughnecks jobs on an oil rigIf you work hard and show initiative it is possible to get promoted to ‘roughneck‘ within your first year as a roustabout.

Roughnecks carry out more technical duties within the drilling team, such as adding drill pipes, extracting and inserting the drill, and repairing the drilling equipment.

From here you can go on to eventually become a driller or crane operator top jobs aboard an oil rig.

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With experience, hard work and training, is entirely possible to become a fully-fledged driller within five years. It took me 8 years to get to this level, however, I am really happy about it! Oil has always been big business and with global demand still growing, it’s unlikely that there will be a shortage of opportunities for offshore workers in the near future.

Where Do I Sign Up To Become A Roustabout ? To apply for offshore roustabout jobs you can either find and contact oil companies directly or sign up with a recruitment agency specialized in offshore rig jobs & oil and gas jobs.

The first option can work for you, but most of the time it doesn’t. I spent 3 months doing this, and I didn’t even received a confirmation email or a phone call from any of the oil companies I applied.

OIL RIG JOBS 2The 2nd option, is probably the best option, because the recruitment agencies know what the oil drilling companies expect in prospective roustabouts and how to get your CV to the right people.

The second big aspect you must consider, is the fact that these recruitment agencies get a commission from the oil companies for every person they recruited for them, so it is in their best interest to make sure you get the job. This is the reason why they will send your resume to the oil companies until you get hired! It hasn’t been always like this, but in the past few years, because of a big shortage in oil and gas industry, oil companies have realised that it is cheaper for them to pay a commission for each new employee, than to have a huge personal to interview all potential employees.

As I told you before, I used a recruiting agency, Rigworker, and it worked just fine for me. Offshore roustabout jobs are certainly not for everyone, and can be difficult at times, but for some people they are a highly lucrative first step in a lifelong career in the oil and gas job. They usually have about 200 new roustabout jobs available every week, so you should submit your resume at their website and let them take care of your application process.

This is the agency that helped me: Rig Worker Recruitment Services. To visit their website, just follow this link: ==>  Rig Worker Recruitment Services <==. They have a one time fee of $60, which you have to pay when you first complete you Resume on their website, and it is worth every penny, because you will get hired, USUALLY within the first 2 weeks.

I can’t guarantee this, but as I told you, I have recommended this recruitment agency to many people i know, and on average they were able to get an offshore oil rig job or an oilfield position in 2-3 weeks.

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You will have to create your resume on their website, and they will send it to the most important 1200 oil and gas companies in the world.  They have helped me get a job and advance in my career, and I am sure they will help you as well!

Your Application Process: the Cover Letter and Recommendations 

In the application process, your cover letter is the most important part of your application process. Here are a few guidelines to create one:

  • Make a strong statement that will catch the reader’s attention.
  • Always, always, always state exactly what job you are actually looking for.
  • Make a strong case for why you are suitable for the job.
  • Remember, employers are not mind readers, you need to tell them exactly what you want and why you think you should get it.
  • Use your own words and let your personality shine through.
  • Many people believe the cover letter is more important than the actual resume. In this industry it is vital that you include a cover letter.
  • Don’t be rude (some people are) and always thank the reader for their time and consideration.

Because I really want to help you, here is a cover letter that worked great for me and for some of my friends as well, so just copy and paste it.


Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is …………

I am very interested in the position of ………….. I found this opportunity in ………. and I think it is a great opportunity. I am the right person for the job, because I have experience in the …….. field, I am a very hard working person and I know how to achieve results.

The time spent as a ………. at ……………….. (state one previous job), gave me a great experience in the …………… field, and this is one of the reasons why I consider myself the right person for your team. I was in charge off ……… and all of my duties were finished on time, with very low costs and our customers were all very happy and I developed great relations with my colleagues. (here you can say other benefit your old employer got from you working there).

(repeat this process for another one of your previous jobs – in case you have never worked before, just say that you was a volunteer at a company – invent one – and say how you helped the company grow; also, if you have school degrees, mention them and say how they will help you work better on an oil rig or on oil and gas field)

I am a very ambitious hard working person, self-confident, responsible, with good attitude, full of enthusiasm, with a great desire to learn and with the ability to integrate in a team.

Please contact me for an interview where I can prove how I can help your company grow!

Sincerely yours,

Your full name


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Another important aspect is getting a few recommendations from your past employers. The most important think these recommendation should say about you is that you are a honest and very hard working person. So, to get one, simply visit your past employer, tell them that you want to get hired on an oil rig or simply want an offshore drilling job, and you need his help and ask them nicely to give you a recommendation. In 9 out of 10 cases, if you were a good employee you will get a great recommendation.

oil rig jobs click hereif your boss was a woman just bring her some flowers and if it was a man, bring him some cigars. Both should cost you less than $5, and you could find great looking flowers or cigars at Walmart, and this way, when you send your resume at the recruitment agency I recommended you, you can scan and attach 1-2 recommendations from former employers. This will increase your chances in getting a bigger oil rig salary right from the beginning.

 Final Word

I hope you have found my report extremely helpful and that you use this knowledge to gain employment in an exciting industry that is growing fast, such as the oil and gas jobs!  Now watch my video below, to learn more about my oil rig job story 🙂

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In a way I envy you because you now possess a good basic knowledge of what the offshore oil rig industry is about. Remember the fact that this works for any oil and gas job, not only for oil rig jobs.

The rest is all up to you!  Remember, there are people of all shapes and sizes in this industry as everywhere else.  Many of them will have felt like you do now, however they never gave up and are now either enjoying their time off or looking forward to their next time off with above average pay.

Well, I realize you’ll probably be stepping onto an offshore oil field where you are unfamiliar with what is going on, but that’s what makes offshore so interesting.

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I Wish You All The Luck In The World

I would love to hear testimonials of your success finding work in the oil and gas industry, or any other comments you would like to make regarding this report.

I would especially like to hear from you when you gain employment. So, please share your comments or questions below!



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